Welcome to Mexico Encantador / Enchanting Mexico

Fully translated into English and Spanish subtitles.



Season 2

Episode 1

Welcome to season 2 of Mexico Encantador / Enchanting Mexico.
At the end of season 1 Lila and Rose go their separate ways, after traveling in camper from La Paz Baja California south, across the golf of California to Topolobampo, Culiacan to Mazatlan, Tepic to Guadalajara, Jocotepec to Mexico DF. A remarkable journey, meeting amazing lovely people along the way.
In this episode Rose travels on her bike from Veracruz to Antón Lizardo. In Veracruz she interviews Chef Paola Torroella in her restaurant 'Al Dente' and films Paola, who is also the director of the 'Instituto Veracruzano de Alta Cocina', giving a cooking lesson of three traditional Veracruzano dishes to her students.
Rose is taken to the 'Festival of the harp' in Boca del Rio by Consuelo Buergo Troncoso. Consuleo introduces Rose to the organizers of the festival.
From Boca del Rio to Antón Lizardo, Rose finds a place to camp just out side the town, a camp site called 'Coco Adventura'. In Antón Lizardo Rose meets a family running a pharmacy. the daughter, Zaida Quetzally Godines Lira, shows her around the town and introduce her to Mayra Ronquillo Barradas the director and creator of a free school of the arts for children La Escuela 'Artes Ronquillo'. Rose does an art workshop with the kids, teaching them how to do stop animation and the kids make their own 20 second films.

Thank you to Chef Paola Torroella, Consuelo Buergo Troncoso, Sr. Mauricio, Dr. John Pierre Hernandez, Zaida Quetzally Godines Lira, Elisa Lira Gamboa, Reyes Godinez Rojas and Mayra Ronquillo Barradas, for your help during this episode.


Episode 2

In this episode Rose visits the school for Marines in Anton Lizardo whilst the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, visits for his last tour before his end of term. Rose bikes from Anton Lizardo to Playa Salinas, a beautiful small coastal fishing town, where she stays with a sweet family and is taken out harpoon fishing. From Playa Salinas to Tlacotalpan, Rose stays at the Luz de Noche Hostel.


Episode 3

In this episode Rose works with 'Son Barrio Abajo' a group of children musicians taught by Jose Fidencio Aguirre Fierro (col8) in Talcotalpan. The children make a painted animation to the song 'Toro Zacamandu' that Rose records them performing. Rose also takes you throughTlacotalpan's festival of bread and candy where you see the traditional dance of the Jarochos.
From Tlacotalpan to Toro Prieto - Rose rides her bike around the reserva biosfera of the Volcano St. Martin. and comes across the small town of Toro Prieto where she is shown the sites by a local family, and gives art workshops in the schools. Toro Prieto is the closest village to the amazing rock formations of Roca Partida.


Episode 4

In this episode Rose travels from the beautiful seaside town of Toro Prieto to the lagoon of Catemaco staying with a group of women who weave baskets in a small town at the river mouth called Oxjotapan. A lovely community of artisan groups, from natural medicine, tropical flowers and coffee. Learn about how the Biosphere reserve for the area of Tuxtlas is helping the local villages reforest and creating jobs through artisan work.


Episode 5

In this episode you will my boyfriend Scott as we go on an amazing tour of the Mexican Mayan trail. Campeche, Edzna, Tacoh, Izamal, Tulum, Oxtankah, Becan, Calakmul.


Season 1

Episode 1

'Boca del Alamo' Baja California Sur

In this episode Lila buys the camper we will be using throughout the series 'México Encantador'.

On our way to our first art workshop, in the desert of Baja California Sur the camper brakes down serval times, we are saved over and over again by local people, who ingeniously fix the camper using what they can find.

The tiny fishing village 'Boca del Alamo' has a population of 70 and is tucked away on a virgin coast, 40 minuets north of Los Barriles.

We decided to teach the kids paper mache, and build a totem pole to help indicate their village to tourists.



Episode 2

El Triunfo, Baja California Sur.

In this episode we visit Gabriel the cheese maker. He invites us to learn the process of cheese making from milking the cow to making the yogurt, to hardening the cheese then cooking cottage cheese. Then he shows us the water hole his father dug, in the amazingly beautiful surroundings of his ranch.

We then travel to historical mining town of El Triunfo where Lila's organization of the arts, 'Acercarte' accomplishes a mosaic workshop with the town children.

We are taken pitahaya picking (the fruit from the pitahaya cactus) which is on of the main resources for the town and a guided through the desert river on horse back.


Episode 3

La Paz, Baja California Sur

In this episode Lila and I organize two fundraiser parties to help generate a few pennies before leaving for main land México. The first 'Clandestine art party', was held in the house where I lived in La Paz, I invited my graffiti, Dj, and Mc friends to perform. Lila's party was held in her gallery, bar, restaurant, 'La Encantada'. She invited the artist 'Gaber Lugo' to do a performance painting and the group Eva to do a set of their original songs.

We also generate a few funds though our friend Linc at the Forteleza B&B who asks us to brighten up his place with a few peices of art.

We are then joined by Lila's friend from university, Alejandra Rodrigues, who has come to give free acupuncture treatments in the towns we visit.

We end the episode as we sail away with Baja Ferries to Topolobampo.


Episode 4

Topoplobampo, Culiacan, Celestino Gazca. Sinaloa.

In this Episode Lila, Alejandra, Rose and Boogie man travel by Baja Ferries to Topoplobampo Sinaloa. They met a mango farmer Rodolofo who takes them on a tour of his mango ranch and guides them through parts of Sinaloa, like a small shrimping town full of beautiful happy families. The team then travels to Culiacan where they stay with school friends of Lilas and visit the botanical garden of Culiacan. From there they travel to a small coastal town to give an art work shop to children of the shrimping workers. The episode concludes with the four friends liberating baby turtles just as a hurricane hits the coast.

Episode 5

Mazatlan, Isla de Piedra, Nayarit, Tepic, Los Aguajes.

In this episode Lila, Alejandra and Rose and Boogie man go to Mazatlan. Boogie has a heart attack after eating mouse poison, our hearts are devastated and Rose confronts good bye to her best friend. Our dear and loved companion passed away during our passing of Mazatlan, Isla de Piedra became our unexpected serendipity harbor for the necessary dwelling. Isla de Piedra becomes an unexpected bay for Mexico Encantador. The light that came with the inspiration the children there gave to the team, became the lift needed for the incredible journey throughout Nayarit. In a nebulous emotional ride we are welcomed in the dreamland of Los Aguajes were the love and spirit of our hosts became the exact balm for the team.

Episode 6

Guadalajara, San Juan Evangalista, Jocotepec.

In this episode you will enjoy Lila, Alajandra and Rose traveling through Guadalajara with our documentary film maker friend Miguel Rico as our guide. Miguel takes to his forma school of the arts in Guadalajara and we have a fantastic interview with the director of the school, he also guides through Tlaquepaque where I film the ringing of the church bells and a pottery gallery. Miguel then takes us to our next port of call San Juan Evangalista which is a breath taking little town next to a big lake about 40 mins away from Guadalajara. We meet Martin who is a pottery artist, in this interview Martin teaches us how to make a pottery whistle bird. In this weeks episodes art workshop we work with the kids in San Juan Evangelista to make signs to put around the lake asking tourist not to leave their trash everywhere. We end the episode arriving in the town of Jocotepec where you met Pipi and Papas who are young Mc's and graffiti artists, we will be working with them in Episode 7... Tune in soon for another adventure of México Encantador / Charming Mexico.

Episode 7

In this episode Lila and Rose travel to Jocotepec to work with a group of young men who form a gang of graffiti and rap artists. The art work shop is to teach them who to graffiti artistically and create an graffiti animation for one of their rap songs. Jocotepec is a beautiful town next to a lake, with traditions and cultures which are very different from the other places Lila and Rose have visited so far.

Episode 8

 Mexico DF

In this episode Lila and Rose are in Mexico City. They met with friends of theirs and work on a 'day of the dead' alter. At the end of this episode Lila, who was missing her son, decided it was time for her to go home, back to La Paz. Lila and Rose go their separate ways. Rose is now on her bike with her things strapped to her trailer. She rides though rush hour traffic to get to a bus terminal. Here we end season 1 of 'Mexico Encantador / Enchanting Mexico'. In Season 2 you see Rose biking up the east coast of Mexico. Tune in again soon for more action packed fun :)