In 2015 and 2016 I am returning to Sri Lanka to continue my volunteer work. During the last 6 months I spent there I realized something quite alarming: Sri Lanka is the 5th worst plastics polluter in the world, and that's tonnage not per capita. Sri Lanka is a little smaller then Ireland. I believe I can help through education with a little help from my friends at the Ocean Heritage Trust.


Most Sri Lankan's don't swim in the sea, and those that do can't afford a mask to experience the beauty of the underwater world. Most Sri Lankan's can't recognise the animals who inhabit their oceans. They don't know about the blue whale, the whale shark, the leather back turtle... They don't know about the pollution that is slowly killing the animals and us ... They don't know about conservation and what they can do to save their oceanic heritage.

The Plan of action!

  • Painting huge scale oceanic conservation murals, with images of marine life and it habitats.  Like this one in Colombo:
  • Teaching artistic projects in schools about marine life around Sri Lanka. painting oceanic murals with the children. Like this one :
  • Working with the private sector: hotels, businesses, tourist agencies... using their public walls for the murals.
  • Working with government agencies: hospitals, schools, universities... Getting permission to paint murals in public places.

For the next year I will be working hand in hand with Ocean Heritage Trust - OHT, on an Oceanic Conservation Murals project all over Sri Lanka.

'Rose Robin has joined forces with a Sri Lankan Organization, ‘Ocean Heritage Trust’ (OHT), a group of scientific oceanic researchers from Sri Lanka. The OHT was founded by Roshan Abeywickrama, coral ecologist, whose ambition is to encourage a greater understanding in Sri Lanka about the ocean that surrounds it. He believes that an understanding of marine life will inspire love and appreciation for the ocean, then conservation will follow naturally.' - See more at: http://www.nation.lk/edition/fine/people-and-events/item/38080-french-artist-rose-robin-joins-forces-with-sri-lankan-organization.html#sthash.HzfB7IPu.dpuf

600 meter squ mural at Jaffna Railway station. The Railway had only just opened for the first ti,e since the cilvil war. It was a great honer to paint there.


109 children came together to make a full scale 30m blue whale.

An Orca in the Jaffna Railway Station.

A Blue Whale with plastic bags floating, what it truly looks like under the sea today.

Another Orca in the Jaffna Railway station.

This newpaper is a good example of week events in Sri Lanka. They got my nationality wrong but that's okay ;)

A news article about the Marine conservation workshops.