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Loving Belize


I filmed Loving Belize in 2013. After my adverntures traveling through Mexico, I arrived at the boarder of Belize. Very quickly after meeting a few Belizeans I realized I was going to be there for a while. I stayed 8 months. There is a terrible documentary, made by Ross Kemp called 'Gangs of Belize', which has crippled Belize and Belizeans self confidence. Negative media such as 'Gangs of Belize' does not help the people watching or the people it's about. I think it only adds to the problem. I have tried to give Belizeans a voice through interviews with people of all walks of life, letting them tell you, what ever they wanted. I tried to edit the footage with as much honesty to the person as possible. 'Loving Belize' also tells you the story of my personal experiences in Belize.

'Loving Belize'

Episode 1

Corrozal, Consejo, Sarteneja


Episode 2

Caye Caulker, BlueHole, Hopkins, Xunantunich


Episode 3

Belize City


Episode 4

The Guatemalan Claim to Belize. The Guatemalan border, Belize City, Belmopan, San Pedro, Shark Ally.



Episode 5

Belize City Bridges, Artist Nelson Young, Belize Zoo, Effect of dredging, Marine reserves, Zoe Walker at Wildtracks.



Episode 6

Underwater adventures with 'Little Kitchen', Living Hope Prep School for kids at risk, Musician Anaconda, Back-stage at the Belize Music Awards.



Episode 7

A little Belizean History

Sarteneja, Barton Creek cave, Mayan Mountains, Thousand foot falls, Pine Ridge Forest, Dangriga, Hopkins, Punta Gorda.



Episode 8

Paul Nabor, How to make Chocolate, Trees of Belize, killer Bees


Episode 9

What are the US Marines doing in Belize? Barranco and the history of the Garifona.



Episode 10

Education in Belize, Punta Gorda, Belize City, San Pedro Columbia



Episode 11

Lubaantun Mayan site, Lobster fest Placencia, El Pilar Mayan site



Episode 12

Oil drilling Belize, Whirlwind tour of Belize, Bush doctors, Boxing